Consensus is temporary.

Visualize Value X Cirrus Editions

Over the course of thousands of years, philosophers and academics separated by continents, cultures and languages — without communication, arrived at the same system for categorizing all matter: earth, fire, water and air.

The way in which we have described these phenomena has changed, but their presence as the fundamental components of our world has not.

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Checks Elements152 Tokens


Checks Elements is part of a 152-piece collection of monoprints and non-fungible token pairs, exploring the elemental relationship between digital and physical art, and the manual and automatic processes that are present in each.

Conceived and created by Jack Butcher in collaboration with legendary master printmaker Jean Milant and Cirrus Editions, each unique physical piece is handmade on a Mailander 202 lithographic printing press, consistent with its computer-generated instructions.

Digital counterparts and their complete rendering instructions are stored entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. The entire collection and its unique compositions are formed from the ‘Alpha’ elements. ‘Earth’, ‘Air’, and ‘Water’ will be on view at Christie’s New York, 20 Rockefeller Plaza from 20-23 May.